The idea of Waterless Coffee first started in 2004. Having to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles and back (roughly 300 mile round trip) two to three times a month while I was putting my children through college was a very exhausting experience. I would have to make several pit stops for coffee along the way, just to keep myself alert and awake. Also, the usual heavy traffic congestions added a lot to my travel time. So I said to myself, “there must be a better way to keep myself awake, energized, and alert while driving”—and this idea to satisfy a long-felt need was conceived.

With some Waterless Coffee in my pocket, I could now drive over extended periods without having to make the routine coffee and restroom stops. It didn't take me long to realize that Waterless Coffee could be useful for a wide-range of daily activities! Dry Brew now allows me to enjoy the convenience of coffee energy whenever I need it most.

 - Pablito de la Rosa, Inventor of Dry Brew