Why eat coffee when I can drink it?

Don't get us wrong. We love drinking coffee too! We're all coffee lovers here at Dry Brew, however, Dry Brew Coffee Chews are for coffee lovers who live an active lifestyle and don't have the convenience of being able to sip on a cup of joe. We've literally condensed a 6 fl oz cup of coffee into each coffee chew, so you get the same caffeine kick without missing out on any flavor. Perfect for anyone on the go such as hikers, runners, working professionals, students, and much more.

How is Dry Brew different from other chewable coffee on the market?

Other products on the market contain coffee flavoring, extracts, or a limited dose of real coffee to add flavor. Our coffee chews actually contain as much pure coffee as a 6 oz cup of coffee. For this reason, we're the only company producing chewable coffee that's backed by a US patent. 

Is Dry Brew really patented?

Dry Brew holds the patent for Flavorful Waterless Coffee. The approved patent recognizes our unique process for condensing the exact ingredients from a 6 oz cup of coffee into chewable form.

What is the serving size? How many can I eat per day?

A single serving is one Dry Brew Coffee Chew. Each coffee chew contains approximately 65mg of caffeine. Health professionals recommend no more than 400mg of caffeine per day for most healthy adults, while adolescents should limit themselves to 100mg per day.

What are the main ingredients in Dry Brew?

We use the three simple ingredients of conventional coffee: real coffee with natural caffeine, non-dairy creamer, and zero calorie sweetener. Each piece contains about 35 calories.

Why do you use zero calorie sweetener?

The individual who patented Flavorful Waterless Coffee was diabetic and developed this formula to minimize carbohydrates for personal consumption. Also, due to its sweetness compared to regular sugar, we need less of it and are able to keep the serving size of each coffee chew to 10grams. 

Is Dry Brew a candy? Is it ok for children?

Dry Brew is not a candy and can be addictive like normal caffeinated coffee. Health professionals recommend that adolescents limit themselves to 100mg or less of caffeine per day. 

What's the shelf life?

For best flavor and texture, we recommend that you consume Dry Brew within one year, by the expiration date specified on each package.

Is it bitter like coffee? What does it taste like?

Our product contains zero calorie sweetener and non-dairy creamer, which off-sets the bitterness of drinking coffee black. Our product tastes like a sweet and creamy cup of joe!

Do you have multiple flavors?

We currently only have one flavor, which is a medium roast coffee blend. But we've got big plans down the road, which is to apply our patented process to create all kinds of Dry Brew Coffee Chews. Our technology enables us to pack your favorite roast into Dry Brew. More to come soon.